Advanced Settings

The Advanced page is used to control the more technical aspects of axle.



Here you can review your license and enter a new one if necessary. Additionally you can find the MAC address of your server which is used to generate a license.

Generate Proxies

Here you can choose how axle creates the proxy media files. There are four options to render the proxies:

  1. via built-in transcode to H.264(default): Use FFMPEG to generate H.264 proxies.
  2. via Telestream Episode Pro to H.264: Use this option if you are using axle Gear or any setup with Episode Pro.
  3. via built-in transcode to H.264 and OGG: Use FFMPEG to generate both H.264 and OGG proxies.
  4. via built-in transcode to OGG: Use FFMPEG to generate OGG proxies only.

Simply choose the method you want to use and click Save Settings.

Domain Name

Here you can enter a public domain name to share assets outside of your local network.

You must also set the same name for the axle server in the Domain Name System (DNS) for your network.

This domain is used in axle's share function. When you generate a new link to share media, you will have the choice of internal or external. Choose external to share off-network, and internal to share in-network.

Guest Users

Here you can set the naming format for your guest users. The first time a user generates a share link, they create a guest user to match. By default, the guests are named after the user who created them. You can replace that with a standard name here. Click Save Settings when finished.

Email Settings Here you can enter credentials for an email address for axle to use. You can also specify a signature to use in all emails sent from axle, define a header, and create a body prefix.

For information about what to put in the fields, consult your email provider. Most providers document how to configure an email client.


Here you can change the time interval between system sweeps, when axle looks through catalogs for any changes. Simply choose how frequently you want axle to perform a sweep and click Save Settings. This will restart axle.

The Minisweep Enabled checkbox allows you to enable or disable the minisweep. If the minisweep is enabled, axle will quickly check a folder on your storage when you enter it in the axle interface, ensuring you have the most up-to-date view.

We strongly recommend leaving the minisweep on.

*Track Modification Date

With this box checked, axle will generate a new proxy for any media file when its modification date changes. This allows your proxy filed to remain up to date if you edit over video files, for example.

XML Import Folder

axle checks this folder for XML files that contain metadata to apply to files axle has indexed.

For axle to understand the XML, it must be formatted correctly. You can review axle's XML specifications here.

axle Version

At the very bottom of the page, you can see your version of axle.