Appearance Settings

Here you can configure the look and feel of axle. We recommend leaving most fields at their default values unless you have a good reason to modify them.


Page Layout

Here you can change the title of the web page (the name that appears in your browser tab). Enter the title into the field and click Save Settings

Detailed View

Here you can change some details about axle's player view. The Image Maximum Size sets the size of the canvas in the player view. Larger sizes mean you will see still images larger, but adds empty space around videos.

Despite what is says on the page, do not set Image Maximum Size to 0x0. This will prevent axle from generating new proxies.

Display Images As gives you the option of .jpg, .gif, or .png files for image proxies.

Watermark tells you if a watermark file is present to add to image files. This is done by creating a file called watermark.png and saving it in /Library/WebServer/Documents/axle. We do not yet support automatic watermarking on video proxies.

Empty Detail View Cache: Check this to clear all proxies of image assets from the cache.

Click Save Settings to confirm your changes.

Thumbnails View

Here you can find all the options for modifying the properties of the thumbnails axle attaches to each catalogued asset.

File Name Clipping: axle will truncate filenames longer than what you specify.

Thumbnail Size: The thumbnails axle creates will be at the resolution you enter here. This does not change their size in the axle interface, just their resolution.

If you notice a colored tint to your thumbnails, increasing the thumbnail size may fix it.

Empty Thumbnail View Cache: Check this to clear all thumbnails in axle and recreate them.

Manage Logos

Logos Folder: axle will automatically detect image files placed in this folder and make them available to select.

Logo Selections: Here you can select the default logo for users as well as what logo is used on the log in screen.

Logos can be set for individual users on the users page.

Upload Logos: Click Choose File to open a window to add a logo to axle.

Logos should be 125x50 pixels and no larger than 20Kb.