User Settings

The users section of the administration pages is where you manage axle's users. You can choose which folders different users can access, change permissions for certain users, and modify the logo that the user sees when they log into axle.

Interface Reference

  • Manage Users: This section of the page houses all of the information about specific users, what folders they are allowed to see/access, the logo they see when they log into axle, and grants permissions regarding what actions specific users may perform on assets catalogued within axle.
    1. Full Name: The complete name of a newly created or selected user.
    2. Username: The Axle user name of a newly created or selected user.
    3. Password / Confirm Password: Where user passwords are established and confirmed.
    4. Email: Email address for a newly created or selected user.
  • Universal permissions:
    1. Administrator: Gives Administrator privileges to the selected user.
    2. Can Share Files: Enables the selected user to create Guest accounts and share media.
    3. Can Change Preference: Allows the user to change axle's administration pages.
    4. Can Access Bins: Allows the selected user to Create, Delete, and Add Clips to Bins created in axle.
    5. Transcode hi-res subclips: Allows the selected user to access Episode to Transcode hi-res subclips.
    6. Can Receive Notifications: Allows the selected user to receive email notifications regarding events that occur within axle.
  • Folders for selected user: Shows all the folders a specific user has access to within axle. Use the plus button above to select a new catalog to add to the list. Select a catalog in the list and then click the minus button to remove it.
  • Specific permissions:
    1. See Previews: Allows the user to see the contents of a catalog.
    2. Download Files: Allows the user to use axle's download feature.
    3. Upload Files: Allows the user to upload files via axle into folders managed by axle.
    4. Post Messages: Allows the user to attach comments to content managed by axle.
    5. Change Metadata: Allows the user to change metadata for files.
    6. Manage Files: Controls access to the Rename and Create Folder actions found under axle's Actions button.
    7. Edit Files: Enables the ability to cut, copy, and rename files from the content area of axle's UI.
    8. Approve Files: Allows the user to change the approval status of a file.
  • Logos: axle enables custom logos to be viewed on the log in screen as well as the interface. Different users can be presented with different graphics upon login.
    1. Select from Existing: Presents logos that have already been uploaded into the axle server.
    2. Choose File: Enables the administrator to select a logo from any accessible volume.