Managing File and Folder Exclusions

axle's default behavior to scan and represent every file and folder in your catalogs can sometimes result in a lot of non-media files or unnecessary folders filling the interface. To help manage this, axle has the option to exclude files or folders by using regular expressions.

Note that the exclusions must be in place before axle has scanned the targeted files or folders, if the targeted files or folders are already part of the axle database then it is too late to exclude them using this method.

The field for storing exclusions is located at the bottom of the Advanced Section of the Admin Pages


Each exclusion is a regular expression that follows these rules:

Exclude any folder with a specific name: .*\/foldername

Exclude a specific folder: .*\/path\/to\/folder

Exclude all files with the same file extension: (.zip for example) : .*\.zip$

You can also exclude any file or folder that has some specific text in the name with this expression (cache for example): .cache.

Multiple exclusions should be separated by a semicolon with no space. Note that the final exclusion should not have a semicolon after it.

All expressions are case sensitive.

Here is an example that excludes any folder named 'audio,' any .zip file, and a specific folder located at /Volumes/media/unlicensed media.


Important Note An error in the exclusions field will prevent axle from detecting new files. If you notice that axle isn't adding new files to the interface, be sure to check that your exclusions field is free of errors.

After saving your exclusions list, you need to restart the proxy plist for axle to use it. This will prevent axle from seeing files that match the exclusions.

To restart the plist, open terminal and execute these two commands:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.axle.sweep.plist

sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.axle.sweep.plist