Notifications allow you to receive email messages when other users do specific actions.

Notifications are configured in the user permissions.


First select the user you would like to enable notifications for on the left. Then, in the User Details section, select the Notifications permission. This will reveal the specific notifications to select.

To receive emails, you also need to ensure the user has a valid email address filled in the User Details email field.

Once the selections are made, click the save button to confirm your settings.

In the main axle interface, select the Notifications option from the command menu.


This will pop up a window where you can select the enabled notifications you would like to receive. This is unique for each catalog, so you can limit the scope of your notifications. Click the submit button to confirm. You will only receive notifications when other users perform the trigger action.

Note that you need to have provided axle with an email address on the Advanced page for axle to be able to send emails.