Link axle ai with Speechmatics

To use Speechmatics with axle, you'll need to provide axle with your Speechmatics User ID and your API Auth Token.

To do this, log into axle as an admin user, open the administrator pages, and select the Advanced page.

On this page you can find the Speechmatics AI Settings section. If you do not see this section, you don't have a license to use axle with Speechmatics. Please contact or call 617-262-9222 for more information.

Copy your Speechmatics User ID into the API User ID field, and your API key into the API Authentication Token field. Press the Save Settings button when finished.

Once you save your settings, navigate to the Users admin page. From there, select a user you would like to be able to submit files to Speechmatics, then check the box labeled can process assets with ai in the User Details section, then press the Save button. Repeat for each user you would like to be able to send files to Speechmatics.