Cam Configuration

Edit Ready

Cam uses software called Edit Ready to do the transcoding and re-wrapping. Edit Ready was installed when you installed axle, but it does need a license to function. To enter the license, open Edit Ready (you can find it in the applications folder on the axle server, or find it with spotlight) and enter the license you recieved when you purchased axle.

Accessing Cam

To access Cam, click the Cam Intake button at the top of axle's navigation column.

In the central window is Cam's monitor, where you can see the jobs Cam has done. At first this will be empty.

To configure Cam, click the action menu and chose Settings from the list.


Initial Setup

There are four folders you must set up to use Cam.

  1. An intake folder where you place the raw camera files.
  2. A high resolution folder where Cam places the finished files. This is automatically added to axle as catalogs.
  3. A temporary folder where Cam places the files while it is working with them.
  4. A completed folder where Cam puts the original raw camera files after it is finished.

You must first specify one or more intake folders for Cam to monitor in the Locations to Monitor section. We recommend placing these folders somewhere you can access from anywhere on the network, so you aren't required to connect your camera to the axle server. Type the absolute path of the folder you wish to use, or drop the folder in from Finder if you are using Safari. Click the add button to add that folder to the list of monitored locations.


To enable changes you make on the settings page, you will have to restart the server with the red button at the top of the page. You only have to do this once you have made all the changes you want to make, not once per change.

Once you have designated an intake folder, you will see it listed in the High Resolution Encodingsection. You can use the drop down menu to the right of the folder path to select which output format you would like for that folder.

You will also have to designate a destination folder for the finished files. Type or drop the location into the Target Catalog Folder field and click update. Each intake folder you create with have a corresponding folder inside the high resolution location.

The last steps are to specify the temporary and completed folders in the Ingest Management section.

A finished Cam folder structure may look something like this:


Optional Features

There are three optional features you can enable, each with a folder.

  • Proxy Encoding: Creates proxies of the rewrapped media files for use in axle.
  • Metadata Ingest: Cam automatically checks files for metadata, exports them in an XML file to this folder, then imports them into axle.
  • Original Media Backup: Creates a copy of the original camera files and puts them in this folder.