Cam Status



Click the Cam Intake button to see the progress of re-wrapping jobs. By default it will show you jobs from all locations, but you can select a specific folder from the dropdown menu in the top-left.

Each row shows the progress for the high-resolution rewrap, the low-resolution proxy, the metadata ingest, the original media backup, and the overall progress on a scale of 1-100.

You can also see the detected Format of the raw camera file, the number of Shots, and when the file was Detected.

Click the name of the raw camera folder to open additional information about the job. This reveals two panels, Shots and Progress.

  • Shots shows information about the shots in the folder, click the more button for more information.
    • Progress shows every step in the rewrapping job.


Cam Info


Here you can see a list of all the essential actions Cam has taken.


The Cam logs list every action Cam has taken. This is technical information helpful for troubleshooting.