First-Time Setup

After the computer has restarted, axle will be running automatically. You can access the axle interface by opening your web browser of choice (axle supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10+) and navigating to localhost/axleweb on the server itself. You can also access it from [IP address of server]/axleweb on other computers on the same network. You can find the IP address of the axle server by opening the mac’s System Preferences app, selecting Network, and choosing the appropriate Ethernet connection.

When using the Safari browser, you can drag and drop location from finder into empty fields, which can be very helpful when setting up catalogs. When using other browsers, you will have to type the pathname exactly. As a result, we strongly recommend you use Safari for this initial setup step, as well as for admin tasks later on that involve setting up catalogs or other file paths.

The first time you access the axle interface you will be guided through the setup process where you create your first user and catalog, as well as configure your Cam settings.

First, you will be asked to enter your axle license. If you don't have a license, or the license you enter doesn't work, please email our support team at and include the MAC address given in the window.


After entering your license, click Proceed.

Now you enter the username and password for your first user. Both can be changed later, and both are case-sensitive.


When you have entered a name and password you like, click Proceed.

Next you create your first catalog. A catalog in axle is a location that axle recreates in the browser based interface. It can be a single folder with nothing in it, or a volume with thousands of sub folders and files. You cannot change a catalog location once it is created without rebuilding it from scratch. Be sure the catalog folder is something you can leave as–is for the forseeable future.

To designate a location as a catalog, enter its path into the appropriate field. If you are using Safari, you can drag and drop the desired catalog location from finder into the empty field to fill in the correct path. Otherwise, you will have to enter the path yourself.

In the second field, you can determine where you want axle to store the proxy files it creates. Note that Apache must be separately configured to have access to the chosen location, and networked storage must be connected using NFS. For more information, please read the quickstart guide or the proxy section of this manual. We recommend leaving the default location during installation. This location can be changed later.


After you have set your catalog and proxy location settings, click Proceed.

Lastly, you can designate your Cam watch folder location. Cam is an ingest tool that automatically rewraps raw camera shots into flat files for easy use. For more information, see the Cam section of this manual.


If you don’t want to set up Cam at this time, you can click the skip button to the right of the proceed button. You can change your Cam settings later.