Comments and subclips


To leave a comment, position the video to the frame you want to comment on, then type your comment in the comment bar and press enter. A triangle will be added to the timebar to mark the comment, and the comment will be added to the comment stream below. You can also comment on a selection of the video by using the mark in and mark out buttons. In the comment stream, the comment will have a grey bar that matches what you selected with the mark in and out points. Click the comment to begin playing the video from the comment.


To delete a comment, hover the mouse over the comment, and click the trash can icon that appears.


Subclips are virtual selections of clips that are stored in Bins that can be exported via an XML file into Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. A subclip can be an entire video or just a selection.

To create a subclip, you must first have a bin to store it in. You can create a new bin at any time from the Action Menu in the toolbar at the top of the interface.

Once you have created a bin, it will appear in the dropdown menu underneath the subclip bar. Select the bin you want to store your subclip in, then enter a name for your subclip and press enter. This will make the entire video a subclip. To use only part of a clip, select the section you want with the mark in and mark out buttons.


You can see subclips for a video in the list below the player.