Menu Bar

Menu Bar

axle's menu bar is the driving force behind all of the actions conducted within axle, allowing you to perform common functions on assets without having to leave the main section of axle's interface.


Logo area

axle's logo area is located in the top left corner of the user interface. Administrators can select a logo for each user so that they see the logo of their company, production, or product. See the section on the users page for more details.


Search Bar

Search your catalogs by entering terms into the box and pressing enter. Logical operators, such as andand or, can be used. axle searches everything searchable across all catalogs, so it may take a while to return results for large databases.



User icon

Click the user icon to open the user menu which allows you to access the administration pages (if you are an administrator), or log out of axle and return to the log in screen.


Navigation column toggle

Clicking the navigation column toggle hides or reveals the navigation column.