You can access the catalogs administration page by clicking the Catalogs panel in the column on the left of the Catalog administration pages. Here you can add new catalogs, remove old ones, and change where axle stores proxy files.

To add a new catalog, click the Add a New Catalog button at the top-right. In the window that appears, you must specify the location of the catalog (remember that with Safari you can drop a folder from Finder into the empty field), and can choose to enter the IP address and catalog name. You only need to specify the IP address of the catalog if you plan to export subclips from axle into editing applications on non-Mac computers. If you do not enter a name for the catalog, axle will use the name of the folder you have selected.

You also have the option to change where axle will store the proxies for this catalog by clicking the lock icon. This will open a window with details on how to edit axle's Apache settings to authorize the new location.

If your monitor is set to a low resolution you may not be able to see the entirety of the window. Use your browser's zoom out feature (typically cmd+minus) to see the full window.

You only have to follow these instructions once per location: after that, each new catalog simply needs the correct location entered into the empty field at the top.

Each new catalog will default to the original proxy location (the (archival) folder in the axle folder). Be sure to change the proxy location when you create a new catalog if you would like to store your proxies elsewhere.

Clicking Add Catalog will create a new catalog with the settings you've entered.


Create Catalog
From the catalogs page you can also remove a catalog by selecting it from the Remove a Catalog dropdown and clicking Remove Catalog.

At the bottom of the catalogs page is the option to change the proxy location for a catalog you have already created. Chose it with the dropdown menu, then click the lock. Remember that once you have authorized a proxy location in Apache there is no need to do it again. Simply enter the location in the field at the top and click the confirmation button at the bottom.

For users to see a catalog, it must be authorized for them in the users page, and the See Previews permission enabled.

Once you create a new catalog, axle will add its contents to the proxy generation queue. Depending on the size of the catalog, it may take some time before the axle makes all the proxies. Until proxies are created, you cannot play your media in axle, but you can add metadata.