Interface Basics

To see axle’s interface, open a supported browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or IE 11+) and type [ip address of axle server]/axleweb into the address bar, or use localhost/axleweb on the axle server itself. Sign in with your axle username and password on the login screen. Note that both are case-sensitive.

On the left you'll see the navigation column, which allows you to select which catalog to view, as well as your subclip bins, smart filters, and archives. axle's interface has been designed to be familiar to anyone who has used OS X Finder or Windows Explorer, and the folder structure you see in axle will mirror that on your storage.


The contents of your selection in the navigation column (by default your home catalog) are displayed in the center.


To do something with a file or group of files, such as edit metadata or download it to your local machine, select them by clicking the checkbox in the lower-left corner of each asset. Metadata can be edited in the information column on the right.


Actions on selected files can be taken with the selection menu in the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen.


Note that the selection menu icon will not appear if nothing is selected.

For general actions, click the action menu.


For a complete breakdown of all options in these menus, please see the interface guide.

Click a file's thumbnail to enter the player view, where you can watch the proxy, add comments, create subclips, and edit metadata.


To find media, use the search bar at the top of the screen.


axle can find files based on their filename, comments, and metadata. The search bar can use operators such as and and or. After performing a search, you can save the search query by using the Save Search option from the action menu at the top. Enter the name you want and click save. The search will be added to the Smart Filters list in the navigation column and can be run again by clicking it.

Advanced search

In addition to the search bar, axle has an advanced search GUI, which allows you to create searches line by line with editable fields. To activate the advanced search, click the magnifying glass icon inside the search bar. Inside the window that appears, you can select which field you would like to search by selecting it from the drop down menu on the left. This menu includes everything that axle can search, including filenames, comments, and metadata (your custom metadata fields will appear near the top). The center menu allows you to choose the search operator, and the final field allows you to type what you are looking for (note that this field will adapt to whatever you selected in the first field, so menu metadata will only show your menu options, checkboxes can be checked or unchecked, etc.). You can add new fields with the plus button at the top of the window, and remove fields with the minus icon next to each row.