When you first log into axle, you will see the users administration page. Here you can alter the permissions of your users and add new users to the system. By default, your first user will only have minimal permissions, so take a moment to set the permissions you'd like your first user to have. For an administrator, we recommend enabling all permissions.

There are two types of permissions in axle: catalog-specific and universal. Catalog-specific only apply to individual catalogs, while universal apply throughout axle.

To change catalog-specific permissions, select the user in the left box and the appropriate catalog in the right box. If you don't see the catalog you want to manage, it probably hasn't been authorized for the user you've selected. You can authorize catalogs for users by clicking the plus button above the right box and clicking the catalog from the window. You can also click the triangle beside the catalog to select an individual folder inside a catalog. This allows you to manage permissions on the folder level.

Once you've selected the catalog, check or uncheck the permission boxes beneath the catalog box. You can also designate the catalog as the user's home catalog, which they see first when they log into axle. If See Previews is not checked, the user will not be able to see the catalog at all. Full details of each permission are available in the documentation on the users administration page.

You can add new user by clicking the plus icon above the users box. Enter a name for that user and click create. You can then fill in the password and other information. To remove a user, select it and click the minus icon.

There is no button you need to press to save changes made on the users page. All changes are saved as you go.