axle Panel for Adobe Premiere

axle offers a panel add-on with Adobe Premiere Pro that allows users to log into axle inside Premiere, search their axle library and subclip bins, and easily import files into the current project.

The panel is available from the Adobe add-on store here.

If you have issues with the panel from the add-on store, please contact axle support at

You can see a video of the panel here.

Once installed, the axle panel will be available under the extension menu in Premiere. When activated, the panel will prompt the user to enter the network location of the axle server (the same address you use to access axle through your browser), the windows drive letter of your shared storage (if applicable), and a username and login for axle.


Once you have successfully logged in, you can browse your axle library through the panel.


The files and folders are organized just as they are in axle and on your media storage. You can use the search bar at the top to find specific files. The search in the panel uses the same elastic search as axle. You can see a file’s archival and approval status with the icons between the thumbnail ad the file name. Select a file or files and click “import selected” to add the selected files to the current Premiere project. Click on a file to enter a player view where you can play the proxy.