Applying Metadata to Media

Once you've created metadata fields, they are available for every file in the appropriate catalogs. To see the metadata fields for a file, select it by clicking the checkbox on the tile or list. The column on the right will fill in with information about the file.


There's a lot of information here, but let's focus on the Metadata section, below the dividing line.

At the top is Custom, the section that contains the metadata fields you create. Here, you can see the three fields we made in the last article: Project, Location, and Weather. Click the Edit button in the column to make the fields editable.


Once in edit mode, you can adjust the value of each field according to its type. For a text field you can type in what you like, while for a drop down menu you can select from the list of values you created on the data fields page and so on.

Once you've set the values the way you like, click the Save button to finish editing and lock the data.


If you select multiple files you can edit all of their metadata at once. Any changes you make will be applied to all files.

You can also select a folder and edit its metadata, and the data will automatically be added to all the files it contains based on the rules you have set in the Folder Metadata Inheritance section of the Advanced admin page.

Now that our metadata fields are filled in with data, we can use axle's search feature to find the media we need. Learn how in the next article.