Searching for Files

axle's search tool can find files based on a wide variety of criteria, including the file name and the custom metadata you've created.

axle's search bar is at the top of the screen, making it easy to access from anywhere.


To search, simply type into the bar and press enter. axle will find all files that have the words you've entered in some way, be it in metadata, comments, file names, and so on.

axle uses the Elasticsearch library. You can learn all about how to structure searches here.

Please note that to search for text within a complete filename (for example, if there is a file called and you want to find it with the search term "roof"), use an asterisk on each side: roof. This tells the search engine that your term is part of a larger word.

We've also included an advanced search GUI. To open the advanced search, click the magnifying glass in the search bar.


Here you can select specific fields to search. Add new fields with the + button, and remove with the -. The central column allows you to select the operator, and the final column sets the search term. Note that if you have selected a list type metadata for the search field, you will only have the list items available to choose from. Click search to find files based on your selections.

From the search results page, you can also save your search to use again later. Click the command menu (gear icon) and select "Save Search."


Then, enter a name for the search. This will add a smart filter to the list on the left column.


Simply click the smart filter to run the search.